Sleep Teepee Tight use dens and teepees to create a unique focal point for our themed sleepovers. 



Having had three children myself, two of which are all grown up, I know how hard it is to make birthdays different and fun. With ever changing trends and trying to do things differently each time, why not stick to a classic? With a twist. 

Sleepovers are a magical way of interacting with friends. Inviting them into your home, showing them your world and family can really bring friends closer together.


Sleep Teepee Tight will fully set up everything for an epic night which will not only give you that 'wow' factor, but create long-lasting memories and be oh so picture perfect! The best bit is we come back the next day and take it all away for you, leaving you to enjoy the experience that much more.

There are plenty of themes for boys and girls, all of which can be mixed up so each party has it's own individual style and feel.


Each party includes full set up and staging of your chosen theme:

  • Teepee

  • Mattress

  • Duvet and pillow

  • Duvet cover 

  • Fitted Sheet

  • Breakfast tray

  • Lanterns 

  • Fairy lights

  • Lanterns

  • Bunting

  • Decorative cushions and accessories to match your theme (vary between themes)

  • Each bed requires 100cm width to 200cm length 



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SleepTeepeeTight terms and conditions


Upon enquiry we will hold the date for 48 hours for deposit to be paid


Bookings can not be made by anyone under the age of 18


A £10 per person deposit is required to secure the date and theme 

A £50 deposit is required for wedding corners and pop up picnics

Once booked, confirmation will be sent to you by text or email 


Once the deposit has been paid and if you wish to cancel you will have 48 hours to do this for the deposit to become refundable. The deposit will become non refundable after this time if you wish to cancel. 


Full payment of the party will be required seven days before the party date. The date will be given in the confirmation. 

Full payment of wedding corners and pop up picnic parties are due 28 days before the event. The date will be given in the confirmation. 


In addition to this we require a security bond. This bond is required and acts against any damage or loss caused to our equipment whilst in your care. 

Damage is - if any equipment or accessories have been broken and/or damaged beyond repair 

£50 is required for sleepovers and pop up picnic parties

£75 is required for Children's corners 


If full payment and bond has not been received by the given date without any prior communication then we will assume the position that the party will not take place and will be cancelled 


We will only re-offer the date and theme if it has not been rebooked and payment is made immediately.


We will always take into consideration unforeseen circumstances. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss these if need be 


Once we have collected and checked our equipment, we will fully refund the bond to your chosen account. Pleas allow seven days for the bond to be refunded.


We will provide a full checklist of all equipment and accessories which the customer will need to sign. By signing this document you agree that all such items will be returned in the same condition that was left and if any irreplaceable damage is caused or any items are lost then the security bond becomes non refundable.

Regardless of the cost of the item that has been lost or broken the full deposit will be kept. 


We ensure that all our equipment and accessories are set up in a secure and safe manor. SleepTeepeeTight are not responsible for any accidents or illness that happen whilst the party is in your care. 

A copy of our public liability insurance can be seen upon request. 


Our parties hold a strict NO SMOKING policy


We provide only the set up for the party. We are not a child care provider and accept no liability for any accidents and or illness whilst the party takes place.


We will return the following day at the agreed time and will fully pack down all our equipment. 


If any furniture is required to be moved to accommodate  the set up we will always request permission from the hirer and will not accept any responsibility for damage to the items as in process of moving or after moving.


We require maximum space of 200 cm length to 100 cm wide per tent

It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough space for the beds to fit in. no refunds will be offered if you cannot fit the beds in once we arrive

A picture of the space can always be sent to us so we can, in advance, see how we can best use the space